Christine McCallum-Randalls

Operations Manager

Christine is a fierce den mother…er…operations manager. She’s always focused on the cubs…uh…the team. What’s the team up to? Where’s the team going? Is somebody messing with the team? Does she need to put the smack down? Does the team have what it needs to perform optimally? How can the team work better, be happier, be more efficient?

At the core, Christine’s focus is to support the team, enabling developers do what they do best, create complex web applications our clients can count on to change the world for good. And in that mission she thrives.

In order to keep employees challenged, focused, and happy, she performs a variety of tasks including strategy, recruiting, on boarding, cracking the whip, championing all sorts of internal initiatives, creating and implementing necessary operating procedures, and initiating all sorts of shenanigans. She is a catalyst for change, a little silliness, and lots of continuous improvement within the organization.

After hours, Christine volunteers her time as a docent at the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA), utilizing the same communication and research skills applied at SciMed to provide enriching experiences for art patrons of all ages and backgrounds. And it means she gets to talk and teach, both of which she loves doing (and one of which we wish she’d do less).